Silicon-Based Hybrid Anode in the Battery Metal Industry

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NEO Silicon Anode Nanocoating Technology

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. patented technology utilizes an ion-conductive elastomer nanocoating layer for silicon (Si) anodes. Our technology effectively scatters the stress from the Si anode, compensating mechanical stress during a long-term cycling test.
Dr. Jong Hyeok Park, Director and Chief Scientific Advisor, is currently leading the research and development of the silicon anode technology. Dr. Park was previously a Senior Researcher for LG Chem with a total of 92 patents and co-invented the world’s first safety-reinforced separator (SRS). He is currently a Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Yonsei University.
We are currently collaboratively developing our proprietary technology with Yonsei University-Industry Foundation (YUIF) in South Korea. Any potential IP rights resulting from the Collaboration will be wholly owned by NEO Battery Materials.

Performance Advantage I

Ultra-Fast Charging Capability – (5-Minute Charging for Small Battery Cells)

Performance Advantage II

Boosting Energy Density & Significantly Increasing Battery Life Cycle


Performance Advantage III

Ultra-Flexibility to Counter Volume Expansion


Process Advantage

Cost-Effective and Efficient Single-Stop Nanocoating Process